Is Mobility A Challenge In Your Organization?​
Make it easy and sustainable with Sharo Carpool and Sharo Vehicles​

Achieving Sustainable Shared Mobility​

Our mission is to remove millions of vehicles from our roads by making it easy for Organizations and Individuals to access carpooling and vehicle-sharing.

Lead ​in CSR

Cut your CO2 emissions and help reduce local traffic and parking congestion.​

Improve ​Well-being

Attract and retain employees with easier and cheaper journeys, less stress and more social connections​.

Reduce Cost

Reduce parking and fleets requirements and optimize their use​.

For Organizations and Communities​


Combine usage data with surveys results and gain valuable insights on your employees engagement with your organization. Create different type of reports, such as reduction of CO2 emissions and time spent commuting.



For Employees​

Find commuters that live near you with similar work schedules. Get in touch with them easily and arrange your trip. Drivers can set an economical contribution to share the cost of the trip.



You can share vehicles within your organization or community. You can quickly search, select and book a vehicle that fits your needs. It only takes a few minutes to be on your way, from searching to driving.

*Currently in Development


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